Move In Information

Dear Future Residents,

Thank you for choosing Mullins Apartments as your new home.  Below is some information we hope you will find helpful to your move.

Contact Information: 

If you need to contact us about any of the information listed below or other questions, you may reach us at or 608-257-2127.  Our main office address is 401 North Carroll Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703.

Early Move-In:

Please do not plan to move into your apartment early as this is unlikely.  In the event your apartment is ready early we will contact you.

Move-In Date/Procedure:

You may move into your new apartment home on August 16th.  Before you move in, you will need to pay all rent(s) owed.  If you are renting a parking stall, that payment must be a separate check or money order and paid at that time as well.

All rent(s) must be paid before you will receive your keys. We accept checks and money orders as forms of payments. If you are renting parking from us, call (608)-257-2127 for the correct name to put on your check or money order for that payment.  If you have roommates and they are moving in at different times, the first person to arrive  will need to pay all rent(s) owed.  All keys will be given to that person and they will be responsible for giving keys out to other roommates and showing roommates the Move In packet we provide to new residents.

If you are not able to move in on August 16th , please be aware that rent(s) must be paid by that date regardless to avoid any late charges.

Check-In Forms:

 We will give residents one (1) move in packet per apartment. Included in that packet will be a sample check-in form.   Please complete the on line version ( to identify the condition of the apartment.  We do our best to prepare apartments for new residents, but sometimes we may miss something.  This form should be completed within 7 days of picking up your keys.

Please do not use the “Maintenance Request” form link on the website as a check-in list.  The Maintenance link is for non-emergency service requests. We appreciate your patience during this very busy move in time.  We will attend to your needs as soon as possible.

Electricity, Cable & Internet:

Please contact Madison Gas & Electric at (608)-252-7222 and have electric service put in your name as of August 16th unless utilities are included in your rent.  If you are interested in cable and internet service, we suggest you contact that company early as they get very busy this time of year.   Cable hook-ups must be scheduled when you are home.


 The City of Madison requires all bicycles to be registered.  Information on registration is available at: 


Please check the website for our recommendations on how best and safely to have packages delivered to you.

Renters Insurance:

 We recommend you obtain renter’s insurance for your apartment.  Mullins Apartments is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.

Useful Contact Info:

 Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E)- (608) 252-7222

University of Wisconsin-Madison Information- (608)262-1234

Madison Police Department-non emergency number – (608) 255-2345

Cable/Internet Providers:

-Charter Communications- 608-713-0127

-AT&T- 866-861-6075

-TDS- 866-571-6662


Mullins Apartments