Sublet Procedures

Dear Residents,

The following information is to assist you when you sublet your apartment. Please remember that the original Lessee remains responsible to the Lessor (Mullins Apartments), for all obligations in the Lease Agreement.

  • Notify the office that you intend to sublet. It is your responsibility to advertise and show your apartment. If we get interest we will give you the phone number/email of those interested to contact.
  • After you have found a potential Sublessee, have them fill out an application and you will need to fill out the Sublet Request form, which both are available at our office. The office staff will then process the application and sublet request form. The sublet fee of $150.00 is paid at this time by the Lessee.
  • If everyone understands and agrees to the terms, Mullins Apartments will complete a written Sublet Agreement. All parties involved should attend the Agreement signing at the same time if possible.
  • Any rent difference under the Lease and the amount the Sublessee has agreed to pay MUST be paid in full at the time the Sublet Agreement is signed. The Sublessee will pay according to the Sublet Agreement.
  • Since the original Lease remains in force until the end of its term, the original security deposit will remain with the Lessor. We advise you to collect a security deposit from your Sublessee. You must return your Sublessee’s security deposit at the end of the sublet term in accordance with your agreement and all applicable laws and ordinances.
  • The Landlord will do a checkout at the end of the lease term. The Lessee and Sublessee should inspect the unit closely that there is no dispute as to the condition of the premises. We recommend the use of the Check in Form.
  • We only allow 1 sublease per lease term. Meaning, if our tenant sublets from January to May, there is not another sublet allowed from May to August. And we do not allow sublets to sublet. If you do need to sublet, please make sure you find a sublet who can take the apartment for the entire lease term. Tenant may only begin a sublease between the dates of August 16th through June 16th, and the sublease agreement must be for a minimum time of two months. The last date a completed sublease agreement form for a current lease will be accepted from Tenant(s) and Subtenants(s) is June 1st.

PLEASE NOTE: Arranging your own sublet without the approval of Management is considered a breach of your lease and can result in an eviction.