Move In Information

Dear Future Residents,

We are looking forward to having you reside with us at Mullins Apartments!

We are sending you this email to provide you with some helpful information regarding moving in.

For leases that begin on Sunday August 16th, we are in the process of scheduling move-in times, in order to try to avoid everyone picking up their keys and moving in at the same time. We know it will be a very busy day for everyone. Your move in time will be ________ on August 16th. If you will not be coming until after August 16th, please let us know what day you will be arriving as soon as you can.

We have asked the current tenants to notify us with their plans as soon as possible if they plan to move out early. As soon as we know if residents are moving out early, we will notify you with the option to move in early. There is no extra cost or rent to do so.

When you arrive to pick up your keys you will be given a move-in packet of materials. You will have forms to complete and sign. Your first month’s rent will be due when you pick up your keys. Please have your rent and parking (if you signed up for parking) check written out payable to Mullins Apartments. Pet fees can be included in the rent check. If you have rented parking, a separate check payment will be needed. For payments, we accept check, money orders, traveler’s checks, cashier checks, or cash. We do not accept credit cards for payments. In the memo portion of your check please include your apartment number.

All of the rent will be due upon picking up your keys. For example, if you have rented an apartment with roommates and everyone is moving in at different times, the first person to arrive to pick up keys will need to pay the full rent amount, and they will receive all of the keys for the apartment. It is up to you how you want to figure that out with your roommates.

There are 2 cable providers to choose from: AT&T U-Verse: 1-877-252-1717, and
Charter: 1-888-438-2427. Internet providers are Charter, AT&T, Restech, or a different provider of your choice.

Beginning August 15th residents can contact Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E) at 608-252-7222 to set up electric service in your apartment. (If electric is not already included in your rent).

Thank you for your time and help with the move-in process!